About Cascade Brewers Society

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For over 35 years, Cascade Brewers Society is a sometimes formal, but mostly informal club devoted to the appreciation and art of creating fine alcoholic beverages (you know; beer, mead, cider, and wine).

For more information about our fine organization please visit our About Us page or email clubinfo@cascade-brewers.com.

Upcoming Events

  • National Homebrew Competition - Beer Registration Window
    Thursday, February 15th – Friday, March 30th
    Link: National Homebrew Competition

    Log into your account at BrewingCompetition.com and submit the entry information for each of your entries you paid for in the "My Info and Entries" tab. Make sure all the information is correct. Provide all names (first and last) of all the people who helped in the brewing.

    Be sure to include any additional information required for the entry. Please see Determining The Proper NHC Style & Subcategory For Your Entry for more details if you have any questions.

    Entry Limit on Subcategories: You may only submit one entry per subcategory. For NHC Styles that have no subcategories (e.g. American IPA), you may only submit one entry. An entrant may be an additional brewer for a differ-ent entry in a subcategory they have already entered as the main brewer.

  • National Homebrew Competition - Shipping Window
    Monday, March 19th – Friday, March 30th
    Link: National Homebrew Competition

    All competition entries must be received at the entrant's respected shipping or drop off location.

  • Monthly Meeting
    Monday, March 26th, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

    Monthly meeting for business, tech talks, and all things brewing.
    Location: Ninkasi Admin Building

    This month's topic: Homebrewing Safety
    Your brewery - your choices - your process - your safety. Can a safer process yield higher quality and better consistency while minimizing the chance of injuries? Presented by Dennis Sasse

  • National Homebrew Competition - Portland Judging Round 1
    Friday, April 6th – Sunday, April 8th
    Link: National Homebrew Competition

    First Round judging of the competition takes place at 12 locations across the country. Portland Judging is April 6th-8th.