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For over 35 years, Cascade Brewers Society is a sometimes formal, but mostly informal club devoted to the appreciation and art of creating fine alcoholic beverages (you know; beer, mead, cider, and wine).

COVID-19 Operations

As Cascade Brewers Society works to come back to in-person meetings and events, the club would like you to know that:
  • CBS will follow OHA and CDC guidelines regarding: Social Distancing, Masking, and Gathering Sizes
  • Masks are ENCOURAGED if vaccinated - REQUIRED if unvaccinated
  • CBS asks that members and guests self-police vaccination status
  • All CBS events are subject to increased requirements based on host location
  • All requirements to be shared 1 week prior to event
  • Above all, CBS supports its members to do what feels safe for them.

    For the full statment from the Executive Committe, please see our About Us Page.

    For more information about attending a meeting or learning more about the club please visit our About Us page or email clubinfo@cascade-brewers.com.

    If you would like to pay your dues, please click:
    Pay dues with PayPal

    Important: Please list your email address, first name, and last name. Put these in the area that allows you to "add a note". We cannot track who pays without that information.

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